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If your thread requirement has some critical questions, Manila Bay Thread Corporation most likely has the answers.

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MANILA BAY THREAD CORPORATION is proud of sixty (60) years experience in thread manufacturing. We have an extensive understanding of the global dynamics involved in the industry, and have worked with international players of all requirements and sizes. By maintaining the highest standards (ISO 9001:2008) and best practices in the industry, we are able to successfully address every challenge faced by your supply chain.

Whether you are an established market player, or a new, up- and- coming business, our experience will be your invaluable ally in achieving efficiency and productivity.


EVER SINCE WE WERE KNOWN as Manila Bay Spinning Mills, Inc, our organization has always made quality a priority. This focus on quality, be it in people, processes, or our products, have made the name Manila Bay synonymous with thread, known not only in the Philippines but overseas as well.

Our dye selection and mixing, using automated chemical mixers and powder selection machines, follow strict quality tolerances, assuring us and our clients of the same high standard, all the time.

From the most advanced spectrophotometer software, to the simple yet tested light box, we use a full array of solutions to ensure that the color and the quality we provide is exactly how you want it.


THE FILIPINO PEOPLE ARE KNOWN the world over as excellent business partners and good service providers, and Manila Bay Thread Corporation is no different. We provide our business and industrial partners with simple yet effective supply chain solutions.

We are successful only when our partners are successful. To achieve this,we serve our partners all the way, from the time they open our Shade Card to the time they take delivery of our thread.

Ask us, test us, challenge us. If your thread requirement has some critical questions, our company most likely has the answers.